About us

About us

 "Nijnekamskhina" Open Society is the largest enterprise tire manufacture for cars and trucks in Russia and CIS /СНГ/ countries. More than 120 standard sizes of tires are delivered to 70 countries of the world.

Every third tire manufactured in Russia, is made in Nizhnekamsk.

“Nijnekamskshina” Open Society offers the consumer automobile tires - about 50 standard sizes of Kama tires and 19 models of Kama EURO tires, 29 standard sizes of cargo tires, 8 standard sizes of light-trucks tires, and also agricultural tires.


Kama EURO trade mark appeared in the market more recently - in 2004. It is not only another name - it’s an absolutely new product which is made on the equipment of leading world manufacturers. In manufacturing of the given mark high-quality raw materials and the newest formulas are used which place Kama EURO tires among European products.


 “Nijnekamskshina” Open Society exports its production to 70 countries of the world. The main consumers are CIS countries where the main part of trucking companies uses motor-vehicles manufactured Russia.


Production is delivered also to the countries from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Cuba, and New Zealand.


Tires manufactured by “Nijnekamskshina” Open Society are used by “АВТОВАЗ” "AUTOVAZ", «КАМАЗ» “KAMAZ”, “ГРУППА ГАЗ” «GROUP GAS», «НЕФАЗ» “NEFAZ”, «Иж-Авто»,  "Iz-Avto", «СЕАЗ» “SEAZ”, «GM-AVTOVAZ» and other motor-car manufacturers.


Daughterly society “Kama Balkan”Ltd started its activity in Bulgaria in July 2007. The company is a part of the structure of ООО “Torgovii dom”KAMA”.

In commercial territory of “KAMA Balkan” enters not only Bulgaria, but Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Monte Negro and Romania.

The mission of the company is to facilitate realizing the production of ОАО Nijnekamskshina on the Balkans. By “KAMA Balkan”Ltd is guaranteed the more effectively interaction with the buyers, at the same time reduction on logistics and storage expenses.